story time.

November 17, 2006

I walk on to the deck and coach says i look like a gypsy. who says that?? a gypsy? what the hell???

 he then persisted to say i looked homeless. he needs to stop discrimating against my african bands and just accept the fact that i dont care what i look like. i heard its the cool trend now…  ehhh what can you do? some people are just born fabulous. whatev.

yo hice nada. yo soy una princessa en mi casa. yo soy perfecta.

i told that to mr dinkler when he asked me if i helped around the house with chores.





November 17, 2006



and  no turkey. who eats dead birds anyways? THATS SO G. no thanks. i’m having enchaladas. GOD THATS RIGHT I’m having a MEXICAN THANKSGIVING.

 hell what am i saying…. i have a mexican thanksgiving everyday of the year.

 its 7 oclock… hasta lavista babe.

i miss moments like these

November 13, 2006

^^ Back yard talks with kates and kisses from annie

christmas tree shopping in an actual forest with my brother

being with these people.


CIF with Jillian
along with summer morning practices waking up early hating life but afterwards getting 3 donuts and a chocolate milk to make up for it.
making it to cif together and her always looking out for me.

big group nights.

the beach…. 😦

 jennababyy at cif finals.

riding horses.

my best friend.


November 13, 2006

i’m not a quitter. but i do know when to stop.

i cant describe the amount of anger i have right now.


November 11, 2006

so i pray to God that i am never one of those people that let work rule their lives that they never find time to enjoy life and all they care about is moving up in the social latter. Because i much rather be poor and happy then rich and ignorant.

 This paper is driving me nuts. I cant sit inside infront of computor for this long. i only have a few summaries done… i feel doomed.

 Sunday is my dads bday. hah hes gonna be 45. thats weird. i remember when he was 36. And he would tackle me and tickle me till i started shaking. he cant possibly be 45. thats almost 50. which is half way to 100. and the average person only lives to 75. that leaves 25 years? no thats not right.

ugh. why does life seem all of the sudden so short. like a game. like nothing really actually matters because before you know it… its over. And i’m serious i finally connected the dots in my mind that i wont really live forever. and it sort of shocked me. i want to do everything now. i only have ONE chance. I feel like all the petty things dont matter. Everything is so insignificant now… i only have 75 years or so to do what i want. but who knows what will happen. its sort of a scary thought. i wish reencarnation was true. that we could keep on reliving life. like it was some sort of video game like even if you screw up and lose a life you could just press reset and start all over. Or say you didnt lose you just reached the end… but just wanted to play again.  guess things dont really work out that way. Life is almost over and i feel like ive been dead for half of it. i havnt really took oppertunities, tried my hardest in things i love and enjoy or stopped things that hurt me. maybe life is all about enjoying it and making sure everyone else is enjoying it. helping each other have the best life possible. because it will be over. Too bad its not that way and few people have realized what i just have. because life is no video game…

 life’s strange.

for better or for worse.

November 7, 2006

i forgot how cruel and how nice people can be…

 but that has nothing to do with anything so why bother even trying to explain that?? eh.

 SOOO i deleted the space. aka my myspace. i couldnt deal with it. It is a black hole where careless people type meaningless words and waste time. (well that is a generalization but it does make a point) I thought i might regret deleting it. because after all it is a great form of quick communication for missed hw or questions. But people are seriously taking it way to far. Its like theres a REAL life and then there was an imaginary life (myspace). and people are forgetting to live in the real life… if that makes any sense. But now with the imaginary life gone i feel like i can actually do things i enjoy for example walk my dog (shocking?) but i really like doing that. Without a myspace i dont have to spend any more unneeded time on the computor inside cooped up way from the world. but i’m still waiting for some withdrawal symptoms.


  Last weekend i had my second swimmeet of the season. it went pretty well. i’m really excited to get going. In three weeks i leave for arizona for a big meet. i’m stoked!! jenna colin and ev are coming too. small group but ohwell it will still be fun. plus i get to miss i think TWO days of school to do what i love: race.

 so this friday i have a plan for the NO SCHOOL holiday. totally psyched. so i’m waking up early (or if i have to go to morning practice i’ll do this after) gonna get moose (mi perro) drive to the beach walk for a bit and enjoy the sun. i cant wait…. its what getting me thru the week.

i miss the beach… i miss the water and sand. ugh. every day while driving to school i see the ocean and i wanna just ditch… its so deppressing.

so yah. i should get going. i have lots to do.

peace out boy scout.



November 6, 2006

i have seem to of lost all motivation. maybe it’s becuase i’m tired of the relentless amounts of homework and lack of sleep everynight. I’m on a constent uphill battle. And i never seem to win… i feel like all i do is complain now. and i hate it. swimming is the only thing i enjoy because its the one thing that won’t stress me out. and dont tell me “well thats life…” because i know life is NOT all about stress and work. and if you think it is thats sad. because you only have one life to enjoy. and i will take all the oppertunities i have. and i guess thats the only thing right now keeping me going. i want as many oppertunities as i can get and that means i have to work hard in school. its just so furstrating sitting here unhappy and feeling deprived…

auugghhhh GOODNIGHT. a good night sleep will clear my mind.

busy much?

November 2, 2006

cause I am…

heyyy im back.

October 20, 2006

so yaaahhh it has been awhile since i last wrote… sorry about that. Swimming has definitly taken over time to enjoy writing… I wrote a really long entry and joyfully tried to post it when i found out my internet was down which subsquently deleted everything i wrote. i stormed off swearing never to write something that long again without saving it in a word file…

 so anyways… my life has been very consistent. go to bed late wake up early. swim eat school sleep if i’m lucky. yahh i don’t want to be all dramatic about it cause i really like it. keeps me out of trouble.. hah. just sucks when you cant comprehend/communicate ideas in class…

 so this weekend i’m off to tavel the coast of california in the hopes of finding a college. i’m really excited. several coaches have already sent me emails interested in me. i never thought i would be wanted… it’s deffinitely a good feeling considering all the hours i have put in and taken out of my life for swimming. anddd yes i do LOVE the sport. its just a bitter sweet relationship. i complain yet i am addicted.

so ate like no other tonight. but what else is new? haha it grosses me out when i realize how much i can eat and not get full. i ate three burritos and was still hungry but realized that when my dad got full at two it was probably not healthy to go in for the fourth… i also ate some chocolate and left over gummy bears aka best candy ever. hmmm…

 i went home today at lunch. i was fatagued no other. when driving home i felt like it was four in the morning. i probably almost crashed 2 times and stopped at some green lights, thank god for those up and at ’em drivers who know what there doing… so anyways i went home drank some water and crashed out. i slept for 3 hours. and this was some good deep sleeping. i didnt wake up untill 20 minutes before afternoon practice. it felt good. i wish i could do that everyday.

 i cant wait untill highschool season. ahhhhh. yes. i cant wait.

 so i could ramble forever… but i wont.

so some perspective colleges


theres more just cant think of them… cant wait to meet the coaches!

california spinach.

September 16, 2006

So there Government announced that our california spinach has been infected with e coli.

E Coli: is short for Escherichia coli  — a germ that causes severe cramps and diarrhea.

 aka: DEATH.

it reminds me of cholera a lot. It doesnt really have a cure except, you have to drink lots of water to flush it out but thats no garrentee. (well thats all i found out so far) if its in your digestive system your ok just gonna be super uncomfrotable. my mom told me that this one is going into the kidneys? no idea.

I guess one person already died from this possible epedemic. (did any of the foothill kids have e coli as a tenth grade project??? NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE… haha wow) 7 have gotten infected and had their kidneys removed? (not sure if thats true?). symptoms start in 7 days (you will die in seven days — the ring) sooo there is a possibiltiy that loads of people have been infected. all the healthy people that is, that actually eat spinach. woww how ironic.

anyways… i just had a huge spinach salad yesterday (not kidding) at katies house. so we will see if i’m ok in 6 days. I’m sorta nervous… haha i dont think the chances are that high of getting e coli but when i told my mom and dad they flipped. so that just made things worse… mmm we will only have to wait and see…

 my hero below…