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long time no… write.

June 4, 2007

So I read my last entry… wow i sound like the bitch? I don’t even remember writing that, so at first I thought I had fallen victim to idenity theft… but I am pretty sure that was me. How embarresing

Two more weeks. not even that. Wow, junior year came and went. So much has happened, I’ve been so busy, I’ve been growing up. Swimming went well, i took two weeks off from morning practice and tomorrow i am back at it. Finals are coming up. Then there is summer, mexico, swimming, camp, wow. Then there is my senior year of highschool. Last year in highschool. Last year in school in ventura? maybe so. College applications. then graduation… then summer. thats all in one year? how did life go by so fast?? I swear I was five last week. I remember running around my back yard doing kicks and power ranger moves. I didnt know what cancer was, i didnt know that school costed money,  i didnt know what stress was… i didnt think i would ever grow up. But here i am. seventeen years. Seventeen. I remember seeing babysitters that were 17 and thinking they were huge. and now that i think about all these memories… all these memories they dont feel real anymore. It’s as if i made up my own past, my own childhood memories. That they never even happened, they are just thoughts. Does that make sense? Or am i losing it?

 so the fact that i have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow for the first time in a long time is most likely getting to me. oh i hate cold pools in the morning. It could make me quit swimming all together.

 Summer, save me.



January 11, 2007

lost my password… hahah but i finally remembered it.

 ahhhh i hate bitches. they are completely psycho…

umm not much to write. so i guess i’ll get going on hw! later.


December 14, 2006

one more dayy! so….. i stayed up till 12:30 woke up at 4:30 and swam, got kicked out of practice for not swimming fast enough, haha then went to school and painted in art which was really fun so it sorta turned around from there. round two for swimming see if i do ok.

alright byeee.

Cry for me… just a little.

December 14, 2006

so yahhh all my good grades are gone!!!! what the heeelllll. its like no matter what i do its out of my control… no matter how hard i work. the only A i have is in Art. and last time i checked, i am not a stupid person i deserve to be getting at least 2 A’s not failing… because dammit i am not a failure but i cant really fight this much longer. i do all my work, i study hard, i pay attention in class i stay up late to make sure i have everything done… what the hell am i doing wrong… i guess im just a little bitter right now….

ugh and what the heck is going on with all my friends. is it like “lets stress out and get angry at everyone else cause i am unadequate  or incapable of depending on myself” fjkalsfjklajfda THANK GOD THERE IS A BREAK….


December 8, 2006

6 days of school untill break!!! yayyy. almost all caught up with work… stttoookkeedddd.

im feeling sick…. what a bummer.

home. thank God.

December 4, 2006

so i’m back. arizona was nuts. it was 34 degrees in morning prelim swims every day(thursday thru sunday)!! it was absolutely terrible. ohh and we were at an outside pool which just made it even worse… i can honestly say that this meet was the most absurd meet ive ever been too. Even though i was off all my best times i still managed to make it back for finals. which i honestly didnt want to be apart of because it hurt like hell to swim. something about the cold makes muscles tighten up and fatigue twice as fast… to make matter worse… they only had two outdoor showers for all 400 swimmers. what the hell?! who makes a swimming complex with only two OUTDOOR showers. (and showers arent used for rinsing off the cholrine… because its impossible to do that. showers are for the warmth.)  So unfailingly there would always be about 7 bodies crammed together under the sprinkles of luke warm water. but jenna tori and i all became fed up, and explored the school further to find a girls PE locker room that had abandoned showers which we used after every single race and warmup/warmdown. but that walk to the locker room was incredible. the ground was like ice and my toes and fingers were bright purple, goosebumps everywhere and a stinging sensation you only get when your extrememly cold.

 anyways arizona didnt go as planned… i didnt go as fast as expected and every race was a major bummer. last night it all kind of caught up with me and i had a semi mental breakdown.I’m exhuasted and discouraged. And also totally overwhelmed with all the work i missed…  Now that i am totally behind in homework and school, arizona didnt even seem worth it. we’ll just have to wait and see how i make it out of this week.

one day

November 29, 2006

i leave for arizona thursday morning!!!! yayyy. now just getting through one more day of school. ohh time has slowed down tremedously.

100 most influencial people

November 23, 2006


(* the people i know of and there achievements) 

So enlighten me of the people i dont know of… PS happy thanksgiving 🙂

    1 Abraham Lincoln*
    2 George Washington*
    3 Thomas Jefferson*
    4 Franklin D. Roosevelt*
    5 Alexander Hamilton*
    6 Benjamin Franklin*
    7 John Marshall*
    8 Martin Luther King Jr.*
    9 Thomas Edison*
    10 Woodrow Wilson*
    11 John D. Rockefeller
    12 Ulysses Grant
    13 James Madison*
    14 Henry Ford*
    15 Theodore Roosevelt*
    16 Mark Twain*
    17 Ronald Reagan*
    18 Andrew Jackson*
    19 Thomas Paine*
    20 Andrew Carnegie
    21 Harry Truman*
    22 Walt Whitman*
    23 Wright Brothers*
    24 Alexander Graham Bell*
    25 John Adams*
    26 Walt Disney*
    27 Eli Whitney*
    28 Dwight D. Eisenhower*
    29 Earl Warren
    30 Elizabeth Cady Stanton*
    31 Henry Clay*
    32 Albert Einstein*
    33 Ralph Waldo Emerson*
    34 Jonas Salk
    35 Jackie Robinson
    36 William Jennings Bryan
    37 J.P. Morgan
    38 Susan B. Anthony*
    39 Rachel Carson*
    40 John Dewey
    41 Harriet Beecher Stowe*
    42 Eleanor Roosevelt*
    43 W.E.B. DuBois
    44 Lyndon Baines Johnson
    45 Samuel F.B. Morse
    46 William Lloyd Garrison*
    47 Frederick Douglass*
    48 Robert Oppenheimer
    49 Frederick Law Olmsted
    50 James K. Polk
    51 Margaret Sanger*
    52 Joseph Smith*
    53 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    54 Bill Gates*
    55 John Quincy Adams*
    56 Horace Mann*
    57 Robert E. Lee
    58 John C. Calhoun*
    59 Louis Sullivan
    60 William Faulkner
    61 Samuel Gompers
    62 William James
    63 George Marshall
    64 Jane Addams*
    65 Henry David Thoreau*
    66 Elvis Presley*
    67 P.T. Barnum
    68 James D. Watson
    69 James Gordon Bennett
    70 Lewis and Clark* – doesnt that count as two people? reminds me of like mary kate and ashley… theyve been molded into one idenity.
    71 Noah Webster*
    72 Sam Walton*
    73 Cyrus McCormick
    74 Brigham Young
    75 George Herman “Babe” Ruth*
    76 Frank Lloyd Wright
    77 Betty Friedan
    78 John Brown
    79 Louis Armstrong
    80 William Randolph Hearst
    81 Margaret Mead*
    82 George Gallup
    83 James Fenimore Cooper
    84 Thurgood Marshall
    85 Ernest Hemingway*
    86 Mary Baker Eddy
    87 Benjamin Spock
    88 Enrico Fermi
    89 Walter Lippmann
    90 Jonathan Edwards*
    91 Lyman Beecher
    92 John Steinbeck*
    93 Nat Turner
    94 George Eastman
    95 Sam Goldwyn
    96 Ralph Nader
    97 Stephen Foster
    98 Booker T. Washington
    99 Richard Nixon*
    100 Herman Melville


November 22, 2006


soooo i dont even know what to write. im completely happy right now.  alex g. inspired me to go on a run. so im about to go do that. my brother comes home today. im excited to see him. hopefully we can make our innout trip sometime this weekend. id be stoked.

this picture is priceless.


T to the ired

November 20, 2006

i’m not a procrastinator. i’m just super busy.

oh ok….


kay need to go finish memorizing all the bones in the skull. cause you know… that will totally come in handy later in life when i need to do a spur of the moment skull operation for some extra cash and i will remember physio in 11th grade and that i memorized those skull bones and be totally thankfull…

 yeppppp i kno call me crazy. but i will totally be prepared for life now that i know where the saggitall suture is i already feel smarter…