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long time no… write.

June 4, 2007

So I read my last entry… wow i sound like the bitch? I don’t even remember writing that, so at first I thought I had fallen victim to idenity theft… but I am pretty sure that was me. How embarresing

Two more weeks. not even that. Wow, junior year came and went. So much has happened, I’ve been so busy, I’ve been growing up. Swimming went well, i took two weeks off from morning practice and tomorrow i am back at it. Finals are coming up. Then there is summer, mexico, swimming, camp, wow. Then there is my senior year of highschool. Last year in highschool. Last year in school in ventura? maybe so. College applications. then graduation… then summer. thats all in one year? how did life go by so fast?? I swear I was five last week. I remember running around my back yard doing kicks and power ranger moves. I didnt know what cancer was, i didnt know that school costed money,  i didnt know what stress was… i didnt think i would ever grow up. But here i am. seventeen years. Seventeen. I remember seeing babysitters that were 17 and thinking they were huge. and now that i think about all these memories… all these memories they dont feel real anymore. It’s as if i made up my own past, my own childhood memories. That they never even happened, they are just thoughts. Does that make sense? Or am i losing it?

 so the fact that i have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow for the first time in a long time is most likely getting to me. oh i hate cold pools in the morning. It could make me quit swimming all together.

 Summer, save me.