Cry for me… just a little.

December 14, 2006

so yahhh all my good grades are gone!!!! what the heeelllll. its like no matter what i do its out of my control… no matter how hard i work. the only A i have is in Art. and last time i checked, i am not a stupid person i deserve to be getting at least 2 A’s not failing… because dammit i am not a failure but i cant really fight this much longer. i do all my work, i study hard, i pay attention in class i stay up late to make sure i have everything done… what the hell am i doing wrong… i guess im just a little bitter right now….

ugh and what the heck is going on with all my friends. is it like “lets stress out and get angry at everyone else cause i am unadequate  or incapable of depending on myself” fjkalsfjklajfda THANK GOD THERE IS A BREAK….


One Response to “Cry for me… just a little.”

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