home. thank God.

December 4, 2006

so i’m back. arizona was nuts. it was 34 degrees in morning prelim swims every day(thursday thru sunday)!! it was absolutely terrible. ohh and we were at an outside pool which just made it even worse… i can honestly say that this meet was the most absurd meet ive ever been too. Even though i was off all my best times i still managed to make it back for finals. which i honestly didnt want to be apart of because it hurt like hell to swim. something about the cold makes muscles tighten up and fatigue twice as fast… to make matter worse… they only had two outdoor showers for all 400 swimmers. what the hell?! who makes a swimming complex with only two OUTDOOR showers. (and showers arent used for rinsing off the cholrine… because its impossible to do that. showers are for the warmth.)  So unfailingly there would always be about 7 bodies crammed together under the sprinkles of luke warm water. but jenna tori and i all became fed up, and explored the school further to find a girls PE locker room that had abandoned showers which we used after every single race and warmup/warmdown. but that walk to the locker room was incredible. the ground was like ice and my toes and fingers were bright purple, goosebumps everywhere and a stinging sensation you only get when your extrememly cold.

 anyways arizona didnt go as planned… i didnt go as fast as expected and every race was a major bummer. last night it all kind of caught up with me and i had a semi mental breakdown.I’m exhuasted and discouraged. And also totally overwhelmed with all the work i missed…  Now that i am totally behind in homework and school, arizona didnt even seem worth it. we’ll just have to wait and see how i make it out of this week.


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