100 most influencial people

November 23, 2006


(* the people i know of and there achievements) 

So enlighten me of the people i dont know of… PS happy thanksgiving 🙂

    1 Abraham Lincoln*
    2 George Washington*
    3 Thomas Jefferson*
    4 Franklin D. Roosevelt*
    5 Alexander Hamilton*
    6 Benjamin Franklin*
    7 John Marshall*
    8 Martin Luther King Jr.*
    9 Thomas Edison*
    10 Woodrow Wilson*
    11 John D. Rockefeller
    12 Ulysses Grant
    13 James Madison*
    14 Henry Ford*
    15 Theodore Roosevelt*
    16 Mark Twain*
    17 Ronald Reagan*
    18 Andrew Jackson*
    19 Thomas Paine*
    20 Andrew Carnegie
    21 Harry Truman*
    22 Walt Whitman*
    23 Wright Brothers*
    24 Alexander Graham Bell*
    25 John Adams*
    26 Walt Disney*
    27 Eli Whitney*
    28 Dwight D. Eisenhower*
    29 Earl Warren
    30 Elizabeth Cady Stanton*
    31 Henry Clay*
    32 Albert Einstein*
    33 Ralph Waldo Emerson*
    34 Jonas Salk
    35 Jackie Robinson
    36 William Jennings Bryan
    37 J.P. Morgan
    38 Susan B. Anthony*
    39 Rachel Carson*
    40 John Dewey
    41 Harriet Beecher Stowe*
    42 Eleanor Roosevelt*
    43 W.E.B. DuBois
    44 Lyndon Baines Johnson
    45 Samuel F.B. Morse
    46 William Lloyd Garrison*
    47 Frederick Douglass*
    48 Robert Oppenheimer
    49 Frederick Law Olmsted
    50 James K. Polk
    51 Margaret Sanger*
    52 Joseph Smith*
    53 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    54 Bill Gates*
    55 John Quincy Adams*
    56 Horace Mann*
    57 Robert E. Lee
    58 John C. Calhoun*
    59 Louis Sullivan
    60 William Faulkner
    61 Samuel Gompers
    62 William James
    63 George Marshall
    64 Jane Addams*
    65 Henry David Thoreau*
    66 Elvis Presley*
    67 P.T. Barnum
    68 James D. Watson
    69 James Gordon Bennett
    70 Lewis and Clark* – doesnt that count as two people? reminds me of like mary kate and ashley… theyve been molded into one idenity.
    71 Noah Webster*
    72 Sam Walton*
    73 Cyrus McCormick
    74 Brigham Young
    75 George Herman “Babe” Ruth*
    76 Frank Lloyd Wright
    77 Betty Friedan
    78 John Brown
    79 Louis Armstrong
    80 William Randolph Hearst
    81 Margaret Mead*
    82 George Gallup
    83 James Fenimore Cooper
    84 Thurgood Marshall
    85 Ernest Hemingway*
    86 Mary Baker Eddy
    87 Benjamin Spock
    88 Enrico Fermi
    89 Walter Lippmann
    90 Jonathan Edwards*
    91 Lyman Beecher
    92 John Steinbeck*
    93 Nat Turner
    94 George Eastman
    95 Sam Goldwyn
    96 Ralph Nader
    97 Stephen Foster
    98 Booker T. Washington
    99 Richard Nixon*
    100 Herman Melville


3 Responses to “100 most influencial people”

  1. B to the rice Says:

    #80 William Randolph Hearst- Ever heard of hearst castle? yep that is his, you should visit sometime it is quite amazing, he pretty much had his own zoo and a ton of other cool stuff. He owned a newspaper back in the day. Another fun fact is that you know how on some movies they say this is based on someones life yada yada yada well that is because the movie ‘Citizen Cane’ was written about him but he didn’t like how it portrayed his life so he sued… anyways there is a good movie you should see and a cool place you can go. Glad you are doing better.
    P.S. ‘Rosebud’ haha

  2. keshara Says:

    74. brigham young: he was a mormon guy, eh. second prophet of the mormon church, led the mormons from ohio to utah on the mormon trail, anddd he founded BYU (brigham young university).

    oh and 98. Booker T. Washington: mom was a slave, dad was a white guy (as it seemed to always go back then, huh). he worked as a janitor at Hampton university in virginia to pay his tuitions as he went there…he ended up teaching and founding and running Tuskegee university in alabama in the late 1800s.
    i did a a report on him in 8th grade.

    haha i like how you put jefferson in bold.

  3. coodaslots Says:

    Jackie Robinson. First African American Major League Baseball player.

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